Wednesday, December 2, 2009


In one year we have lost teeth, gained new friends, learned to ride bikes, to blow gum bubbles and to swim.

In just 12 months we have finished another year of residency, started kindergarten, preschool, sleeping through the night (well, some of us!), and second grade.

Over 52 weeks we have turned 2, 4, 5, 7, and, well...some other much bigger numbers.

During 365 days we relaxed at the beach, played soccer, sat in way too much traffic, and flew on our first airplane.

Within 8,760 hours we learned to laugh, tried to stop crying, learned to forgive, worked hard at listening, even harder at waiting our turn, and tried to share.

In just 525,600 minutes we moved out of old rooms, moved into new rooms, gave up bad habits, and tried to start good habits.

During 3,153,6000 seconds, we learned to trust God with the details, let go of the little things, focus on the really important stuff, pray often (really often) and hold tight to God’s promises.

Taken one at a time, our moments are like grains of sand...tiny and barely noticed.
But together they become our lives.

May your moments, gathered together, bring joy to your hearts.

May they remind you of the grace, love and power of our GREAT God.

He IS in the moments.
Have a merry CHRISTmas and a splendid 2010!

Peace to you all,
dan, christa, selah, samuel, miguel and elia

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Nathan said...

Great post. Beautiful blog. It's been a while since I read it. Thanks for the comment. Thanks for the great pictures of your kiddos. Miguel sounds like one amazing dude. They're all beautiful.