Sunday, December 19, 2010

Emmanuel...God with us

welcome to our Christmas 2010 family photo attempt...

what the day was really like

loved this one...till i realized we were missing someone!


A picture is worth a thousand words, they say, but are those words accurate?
One snapshot can lure you into imagining the moment was warm, loving, and gentle.
In reality, at least in our reality, surrounding this photo were moments of screaming, laughing, arguing, playing, crying, fighting, and giggling!
Convincing six people to hold still, and look cheerful was not so easy.
I hesitated to use this picture, feeling it was a “misrepresentation” of our life. On further consideration I realized it actually sums us up pretty well.
Times of laughter and love mixed up with moments of turmoil and tantrums.
Tough are the days.
Emotional are the nights.
Many tears are spent.
Endless are the things to be done, cleaned, fixed, put away, thrown away, bought, brought, dropped off or picked up.
Our life can definitely be chaotic.
But it is always sweet, tender, joy-filled and rich!
We are far from perfect and miss our mark often.
But, as each day closes, we rejoice and take heart in the truth that though we are far more sinful that we could ever imagine, we are also far more loved and forgiven than we could ever dare hope.

Feliz Navidad y Prosepero Ano 2011!!

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