Monday, January 3, 2011

ano nuevo

Happy new decade!!

us trying to take a family pic on the first day of twenty eleven !!

the kids bundled up and squished into a love seat (storing it for a friend in our garage) for a special new year's eve movie night. it was especially cold(at least for los angeles!!) dropping below they each were holding a heated up "warmy"!

miguel picked out a spidey bouncer with some xmas money...he asked me to start calling him tigger!
guess what elia spent her money on?!

on sunday our pastor spoke of how jonathan edwards carried with him everywhere a list of 75(i think!) resolutions. the list was found on his person when he died.

it inspired me to make some lasting resolutions this year...commitments to work on over my lifetime.
here's what i have come up with so far...
(in case any of you want to try and keep me accountable over the next 50 years!!) :)

1. re-read these resolutions weekly.(jonathan edwards had this written at the top of his list)
2. put my family and friends above a clean house.
3. speak the truth in love.
4. stop rushing others and myself around.
5. plan less, live more...and enjoy it.
6. be joyful always, pray continually.
7. live intentionally.
8. give more...of myself, my time, my focus.
9. encourage more, critce, critiseze, criticize less.
10. learn how to spell!
11. stop raising my voice, unless someone's life literally depends on it!
12. write stuff down.
13. remember that i have been saved by God's grace...ALONE.
14. less rules, more fun.
15. put the needs of others above my own.
16. clean my bathroom more regularly.
17. calm down.
18. stop worrying about what others think.
19. appreciate my husband.
20. sit still in the moment.
21. enjoy the sweet "mess" God has blessed me with.
22. love my husband.
23. respect my husband.
24. eat more fruit.
25. praise God, in every circumstance...always.
26. give all glory and honor to God alone.
27. take myself less seriously.
28. talk less, listen more(and better).
29. remember i am far more sinful than i could ever imagine.
30. remember i am far more loved and forgiven than i could ever dare hope.
31. accept people as they are.
32. accept myself as i am.
33. no chocolate before noon.
34. keep the sabbath day holy.
35. bloom where He plants me.

our view from here(after we climbed culver city's highest little mountain...400 feet above sea level)

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