Wednesday, February 16, 2011

emma kait

life can change in an instant.

for my sweet niece that instant was today at 3:30pm.

that's when our precious emma kait was told she has a type of lymphoma.

my brother and sister in law packed her up and drove to a hospital in sacramento tonight to begin life changing tests, scans, line placements, blood draws and painful biopsies.

they hope to stage her cancer in the next several hours/days and then begin the proper course of treatment.

it seems unreal...definitely unfair.

i know God is still on the throne...still in charge...and even more heart broken over this than i.

if anyone reading this believes in it (or even if you don't) please pray for our emma.

pray for peace, strength, mercy, rest.(especially for jon and rebecca, emma's parents)

pray for healing, grace, perseverance, wisdom.

pray for God to be glorified throughout this whole ordeal.

we love you ek!

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