Tuesday, April 19, 2011

marine life

what does it look like to take 9 children, ages 10 and under, to an aquarium for the day???

thanks to our amazing, generous and fun loving friend, Donna, we got to find out!
my awesome friend Jessica (and her four plus their neighbor) joined Donna, my four and i for a day of fun, sun, touching sharks, rays, and other slimmy, squishy things at the aquarium of the pacific (in long beach).
it was hard to tell which side of the glass the "sea creatures" were on!

along with everything under the sea, this cool place had these funny birds, called lorakeets, or something like that! we even got to feed them some yummy bird juice.(the birds wanted to thank Donna personally, but she enjoys birds about as much as our Papa does!)

Donna, we had a total blast! thank you so much for every moment!
we had so much fun with you!
we love you D!!!!

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