Monday, June 20, 2011

our hero

to all the amazing dads that fill our lives...

we love you all!!!!

here in LA we celebrated our special guy with a fancy new BBQ...his first one ever! (all the others we had over the years have been hand me downs!)

his old faithful charcoal style one finally gave up, with the bottom literally dropping out of it!

we love our,he makes a killer BBQ dinner!!! :)

as i write this, dan is in florida, preparing to take his big end of residency exams...two days of torture!

he has been so faithful in studying, so persistent, so patient!
we are ALL praying for you dan!!!


Melissa said...

We're cheering/rooting/praying for you Dan! For you too Christa:)

Erin and Josh said...

praying over here, too!! for Dan and for all of you this week. :)

marissa said...

Horray for you guys!!! Also, I don't think I've ever seen Dan with hair! :)