Friday, July 22, 2011

have you met grace?!

so...have you?

well we have!

recently, the kids and i snuck away to my folks' house in nor see my sister's (and cool bro in law's!) new baby!!!
(ok, it might have been during the school year! but in my defense, i just received these pics!)

sweet tiny grace and her courageous cousin emma kait!

(it's the only way i know to hold babies!)

Grace is a tremendous blessing to my sister and her husband, hand delivered by God through adoption!
four sweet girl cousins! now the gender ratio among cousins is all evened out!
(as is the brown to blonde ratio!!)

what a beautiful crowd of grandkids!!!

it was a very short but very special time of getting to know and love our newest little cousin/niece!!

we love you grace...welcome to our awesome family!

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