Tuesday, September 6, 2011

last days

we spent labor day weekend squeezing out the last delicious drops of sweet summer!
-no schedule
-no clocks
-no hurry
just slow, unending fun...having no where to go and all day long to skip there...
we visited the Getty Museum (super amazing views, beautiful art work, fun tram ride...plus it was on our list of things to do this summer! check!)

most of the stuff is "no touching allowed!", but we still had fun!
(most of us!)

(check out my seriously handsome guys!!)

another big "to do" on our summer list was to paint our wall!!!
our neighbor replaced the wood wall that separates our two homes (he is so kind! our kids play endless ball wall on this wall!)...and when he finished...
we had a huge new WHITE wall!

he said we could paint it if we wanted!!!

our philly friends lended us an artistic helping hand!
not bad, eh?!

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