Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Where was I?

Seems I was lost

and didn't even know it.

forgot all about how i'm trying to live life more thankfully.

got wrapped up in my anger over not being able to control things.

not being able to force my four year old to hold still for xrays.
not being able to get what i want when i want it.

angry at my lack of control...

i stilled myself for a moment and remembered this truth...

"you can only feel one feeling at a time"

then i started naming the gifts...
-bright blue skies
-healthy (and strong willed!) kids
-roof over my head
-silly laughter in the back of the minivan

the Holy Spirit melted away my anger and replaced it with joy...

the realization that i am not in control...but HE is...
ahhh PEACE!

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