Tuesday, March 20, 2012

four d

i boasted the other day to my precious sister in law about how free-ing forty felt.
how untangled by the world i was...
no longer am i smooshed by what others thought of me...

finally free to just be....you know, comfortable in my own skin!

one day later a friend asked me how forty was going...she had heard it could be "a little rough, you know."
i smiled (not a little pridefully) and said, "oh! it's just fine!"
as soon as i walked away i burst into tears!
later i told dan about it all...
he thinks i may be entering early menopause!

enough about me...where was i in my counting?
ah yes...

#106 His many small blessings bursting joy into my heart

#107 slow days at the beach

#108 being reminded that my life (all forty years of it!) is not my own

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