Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Far away from home we are...
Carried to southern Illinois by my sweet sister (and an airplane!)

Have no idea how to get pictures from the silly "too complicated for my brain" phone into this even sillier close your eyes and imagine...

Green everywhere, lush!
Wide open spaces to run and play.
Huge homes with fun under the ground basements and plenty of toilets!!!
Fifteen faces that we love being near.
Soaking in cold sunshine, the kind that hugs your skin and makes your squinty eyes smile!
Bright red birds they sing you awake, hopping and hoping for the squishiest worm.
Trees, tall, long, leafy, wind whispering through their arms.
Long, late, therapeutic talks with wise sisters (in laws).
Ten day sabbatical from my life.

If I haven't called, emailed or texted you back Lately, now you know why.


Many sweet, smiley memories en foto to come!

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