Friday, May 11, 2012

too many?

"i'm sorry lady, you have too many kids"...
trying to raise a family of "too many" in one of the most expensive cities in america, on a very meager trying-to-become-a-great-doctor- salary has been not so easy.
"wow, really, you want to put how many kids in this two bedroom home?"... of late, as i spend my "free" time looking at new places to raise my "too many" kids, these and other not so kind statements have been tossed my way.
"It's against the law to put more than two kids in a bedroom miss"... on a "normal" day (you know, when i'm not trying to bring up my "too many" while working part time, untangling slinkies, keeping house, muddling through homework, supporting my very stressed out love-of-my-life husband, walking more dogs than a mom of "too many" should have, and sweating over our landlord's threat of "get out by tomorrow or we are suing you") these comments would just slide right off my back. (like a duck in water or something.)
"sorry, that's too many people for this size house"... but since these past two months haven't been "normal" days, hearing over and over how "too many" my family is has just about crushed my soul.
"do you think your done having kids yet?(said in "that" kind of tone!)" can a person really have too many kids?
can one heart love too many tiny lives?
can you really ever have too many mouths to feed? too many souls to cuddle? too many hearts to handle with care? too many eyes to wipe dry? too many owies to kiss away? too many blessings? can it be possible to stoop down and prayerfully tuck in too many sleepy heads?
"oh, sorry, our condo association has a family size limit"...(said as i walked out of his 2000 sf 2bd/3ba condo!)
admittedly, we can be a bit of a "mess"! but as this blog's title is our sweet mess!

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