Tuesday, January 8, 2013


where did the time go?
how did we get here so fast?
october, then novemeber and suddenly...it's JANUARY!?
here's a quick look back...
soccer took over our lives for the fall...
six practices a week...
and crazy saturdays filled with five different games...it was a total blast
halloween and candy and yummy outdoor chili cook-offs with dear friends (the witch isn't one of mine!)
winter recitals and awards for being one of the most gentle, loving, polite, helpful, kind fifth graders ever!
enjoying the fruits of several months of saving every penny!
a sweet, slow, peaceful Christmas (no kidding!)
and a ridiculously fun trip to the Tahoe mountains...
four days of endless snow fun with our treasured SF friends!
our thankful list is growing by the minute!
every moment of these last few months have been amazing, cherished and overflowing with God's goodness and grace!
oh, and in case you hadn't heard...

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