Monday, June 23, 2008

escaping the heat

our new place is great in so many please don't think we are complaining...but phew,no AC is hard to cope with when the inside thermostat reaches 88 degrees! we were melting this weekend, so yesterday we packed up our beach toys and headed for the beach. i think we were at Manhattan Beach this time. the kids loved playing in the sand and the water...i just loved not being sweaty for a change! samuel decided to dig a trench with his head. i think it stretched about 20 feet or so...and he ran his head through it twice just to be sure it was done right. later that night in the tubby, he began to cry as i washed his head...after looking more closely i found that he had a rather large, raw/bloody spot on his head...rubbed from trench diggin!! i guess that is what is called a natural consequence! painful to say the least! today it has scabbed over, and i am sure it will become another of his many head scars.

miss you all heaps,

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Andres Carl Sena said...

NIce! Head trench diggin! The man will always have a job. no need to worry about him