Thursday, June 12, 2008

movin in...again!

it's what we do...move...10 times in 7 years of marriage. that has to be some type of record! i hate boxes, and i actually get "morning sickness" feelings when i smell packing tape!

God's timing and wisdom is ALWAYS right, though...and once again, He has brought us"home".

the pics make it seem smaller than it wait, it really is just small. :) but it is very cozy and quite user friendly.

our garage is currently where all the stuff that won't fit, the kids use it is as a play space. the back yard is awesome and getting to walk selah to school is soooo fun! samuel rides his bike each time we walk her to school, and ej uses his little legs to push his motorcycle (lame plastic version of the real thing!) the whole way there and back! (explains why he has been waking at night to say his legs hurt!)

we love our new home...and for as long as He has us here, we will bloom where He has us planted. :)

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Andres Carl Sena said...

Nice back yard. Yards are essential!