Thursday, September 4, 2008


school started this fine cortez style!

selah started 1st grade and samuel is so excited to be able to attend a fun little preschool attached to selah's school. On the second morning, i was so excited to be down to just two kids, i decided to go running. By the end of that day i was completely exhausted! turns out walking back and forth from our neighborhood school THREE times each day translates into three miles of walking! phew!

ej wanted so badly to be doing what everyone else was, so he wore his own backpack the WHOLE day! He also insisted on dressing exactly like his big brother.

as you may see from the pic, samuel fell at his first day of school and scrubbed up his cheek when he fell through the doorway and smacked his face on a box of blocks! on selah's second day of school, she fell from a pretty high play structure and split her lip much blood they had to change her clothes! that's what we do best in this family...fall and bleed from the mouth!!

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