Sunday, September 28, 2008

6 is sweet :)!!

these are pics of selah at
age one,




and five.

Amazing but true...our sweet selah is now 6! where in the world has the time gone!?(such a mom thing to say!) we celebrated her all weekend long, starting with our family tradition of Birthday Dinner. The special bday person gets to pick the meal, the dessert, and one friend to celebrate with. This year selah picked a friend from school and her family to join us for the dinner. She wanted spagetti, garlic bread, salad and lemon cake with homemade frosting(she decorated it herself!)...the exact same dinner as last year! :) It was a great time, and selah loved her present..."The Littlest Pet Shop". A hilarious pet shop filled with fun little bobble head animals. The next day she got to open more presents from her Gram, Papa and Anissa and Chris. She loved all of it!!! Then, the next day she did our other fun family tradition of picking one parent and going out for a meal. She picked me, and the meal...dessert! We also went shoe shopping to spend some of her birthday money from her Nana and Tio Conrad...she picked out the shinniest red shoes ever! Lastly, she went shopping with her daddy to spend the rest of the birthday money from her Gramps and Granny Fran...this time she picked out fun finger nail polishes, lipsticks and other girly make-up stuff. It was a terrific-ly fun birthday, and she happily reminds me that she felt very celebrated!

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