Saturday, August 8, 2009


i can spell.

seriously...well, mostly seriously.

ok, i rely heavily on that spell check thing within this glowing screen i sit in front of while i do this. and i love the little red line that quickly appears under my wrongly written words!
but this time, i was purposeful on my misspelling. :)

the days(the minutes!)...they seem to drag! at least while i am focused on the minute i am stuck in. (there is a great message on a blog i sometimes read( called focus...if i knew how to "link" you over to it from here, i would. but i don't. so, i guess you will just have to believe me!)

but, when i lose myself in the moment, and stop focusing on how stinking hard things can seem to be...time flies!

get it?


time...sometimes it drags, sometimes it flies. just depends on where your focus is and how much you pay attention, i guess.

a few days ago(this can mean anything from "yesterday" to "last year"!) i was staring at the family calandar on our wall wondering how on earth i was going to get through all of the FIVE weeks in July with my wits still in tact.

Suddenly i looked at that same wall and saw August had replaced July.

so overjoyed i was, that i baked chocolate cupcakes(homemade even)! the kids spent the afternoon decorating/devouring our "happy July 31st cake".

it may become a new family tradition.

stuffing it in your face faster than lightning is an old family tradition!

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Nancy said...

The Priestley family also fully enjoyed those wonderful cupcakes! Thanks for always thinking of us and doing all the special, thoughtful things you do with your free time (ha! ha!). You're the BEST!