Sunday, August 23, 2009


one moment at a time.

that is how our june 20th turned into august 20th!

just as i was getting my "summer legs" about me, i glanced at our family calander to see school just around the bend!

these moments of morning rides through the neighborhood while still in jammies are quickly dissappearing.

our girls...don't look related, start and end our family, have five years and two boys between them.

i pray they find each other this facinating in five more years!

our boys...less than two years apart, often times at each others throats, thick as thieves.

dan captured this moment the other night. he went in their room after hearing a noise.
not being able to find samuel, dan tuned on the light to discover he had climbed down into miguel's bed to sleep on him!

some moments are so sweet.

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