Friday, September 4, 2009

weathering the change

Fall is what i think of as i watch some of my many small blessings walk out our front door and back into their classrooms.

summer is still sticking around though...literally! the humidity levels have been like living in Texas...except with no AC!!

but, despite samuel's groanings about it being too "summerish" to start school, start we did!

our first is now in second and our second is now a kindergartner! (our third even gets to "start school" this year...we were incredibly blessed with an opportunity to attend a little preschool two days a week, for free!)

for those of you who are trying to keep track, that means two days a week, for three hours, i will have only two little small blessings in my care! after a summer of five all day every day, that sounds pretty calm!

here are pics of our "first morning getting out the door before 10am",

and samuel...hanging from the playground equipment before his big day.

our fourth was (as usual) just happy to get to come along.

the pool pics??

welp, it seems Rite Aide was blowing out all their summer stuff. so...we grabbed a cool pool and have been loving it!

so even though school has started and fall is supposed to be here, we are still soaking up the summery days.

little elia is not in the pool, as you can see. she claims the big kids "mash" her. i think she means "splash"!

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