Tuesday, September 29, 2009

seven sweet years

two became three and so our family started to be.

september 22, 2002.

our gentle, nurturing, generous, funny selah is SEVEN!

we celebrated her in our own fun family-tradition way...she picked out every meal of the day, including the type of dessert we were to have after dinner. Then she chose a special friend(grace who lives on our street!) and their family to join us for an fun evening of tons of balloons, squeaky horns and silly party hats (all selah's idea!).

the highlight of the night for dan and i was the fact that selah made it through the happy birthday song without excusing herself to another room until we finished singing!

so much has changed!

her best present by far (she says) is her upcoming trip to visit her cousin and gram and papa in New Castle (northern callie!!)

i will get to be alone with her(for more than an hour) for the first time since she was 16 months old! i think it is my best present too!

you are a delight to our hearts selah...we love you so!

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