Thursday, October 15, 2009

surprised by quiet

after dropping off most of my many small blessings at their respective schools, elia and i slowly walked back home, enjoying every step on the newly washed sidewalks that are still wet and smell full of fall from our first rain since March.

she helped me fold the morning's laundry then she wrapped up in a cozy blanket to wait on the couch while i made our favorite morning treat...steel cut oats with lots of yummy things thrown in.

it only takes 3 mintues to warm it all up and get it ready to enjoy...

but apparently 3 minutes was longer than she could wait.

i came into the family room holding our bowl full of warm goodness to find this:

my sweet as honey, tough as nails elia...taking a spontaneous, morning snooze! i guess the house is just too quiet for her...

the noise-less-ness lulled her to sleep at 9:30am!

what?! one of MY many small blessings falling alseep, on their own, before the age of 5, at midmorning!? who is this blonde kid??

and silly i, risking it all to snap these pics just so i can have proof of it!

but oh, the wonderful sound of quiet!

sweet, sweet quiet!

here are some fotos of my morning napper in her usual state of being...


may you have some of your own surprise quiet time today as well.

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