Tuesday, February 23, 2010

goldie locks

for the first time in my 7 plus years of loving these many sweet, small(but ever growing bigger!) blessings, i clipped the tiny blonde ends of my baby girl's hair! i say "first time" because all the other tips i've clipped were of a much darker color!

our little "exception to the rule" held perfectly still, excited to finally be the one to get her "hairs cut". of course, this was not her first, but second time getting a clip... each tiny head in our family gets their first hair clipping around 5 months of age...see!



when it was all finished i grabbed the broom to start my clean up...expecting there to actually be something to sweep! to my surprise...all the tincey little blonde ends had wisped away...floating through the air, too translucent for me to even find! seriously, there was nothing on the ground! just a few pieces that had gotten stuck to the towel. i really cut quite a bit off...but her hair is just so fine and thin...she is more like her momma than she knows!

our sweet number four was so pleased with her new look! she has told everyone who will listen about her new "do" and even flips her hands through it for effect!

(to me she looks like a blonde, miguel in this one!!)

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