Friday, April 9, 2010


spring break was very full for us...
first, our cousins came down from newcastle to spend 5 fun filled days enjoying the beach, Santa Monica Pier and Aquarium and the totally cool Science Center. we packed 10 people into our 1000 sf shoulda seen the line for the toilet! :)

everyone was having so much fun, that we decided to follow them back to Newcastle and spend four more days in No. Ca! we had an awesome time getting to see Gram, Papa, Gramps, Fran and the rest of our AWESOME extended family!

every minute was tons of fun

playing on the ranch property, dozin with Papa in his tractors (Papa gave each one of the kids a RAD trip on the dozer up and down and backwards and sideways around a monstrous dirt pile on the ranch.the kids LOVED it and still talk about it! We have a pretty awesome Papa!)

helping make a huge burn pile, climbing gigantic rocks

and loving each moment of time with our amazing family!

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