Monday, May 3, 2010


God's love is unending...ever pursuing...never failing...insatiable...passionate and deeply personal for each of us.

God's love is ineluctable!

i learned this word yesterday at church while listening in awe to this truth as it was poured into my heart, as if for the very first time.

i had never even heard the word before...

God loves me so deeply, pursues me so constantly...

He has chosen me to be the momma of these little blessings...He is gently using these tiny hearts to refine drive me deeper into His arms. Each day that i spend with this "sweet mess" i am forced to lose myself in Him...

there is no other way to become less like me and more like Him.

there are not words to describe the feeling of being passionately, consistently, unendingly pursued by One such as He.

oh the joy of being ineluctably loved!

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