Monday, September 20, 2010

the man you are

my amazing is your 60th birthday!

every day you are alive is so sacred to me...i am so thankful God chose you to be my dad. it is an honor and a privilege to be your daughter!

i wished desperately to have given you a huge 60th bday party...complete with all the people who love you the most, yummy tri tip, crisp salad, delightful rice and of course, sweet, warm berry crisp!!!

alas...i am here and you are there! is my shot at the next best thing...we had all those things, in your honor! we talked about you and how much we love and miss you. we celebrated you at dinner tonight!!

are you wondering if the trip tip was as good as it looks???



see, it's like this...


the crisp was pretty great too!

miguel saw a plate all ready to go setting at the table, with no one sitting in front of it. a few minutes later, when dan sat down to eat at that spot, miguel got mad...and then asked me why daddy had eaten the plate that was for Papa?! He was sure you were on your way!!!

we all missed you!
you are so loved by us

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Stanphill Family said...

Happy Birthday to sweet Selah! We wish we were there to help you celebrate. Hope you have a great birthday. Love, Jon, Rebecca, Joseph, Emma and Ben.