Wednesday, September 15, 2010

no y

we had our first ever girls' weekend!!! (and of course, our first ever boys' weekend!)

(this is us girls trying to take our own pic!)

dan drove up to fresno to see his family and brought the crazy company of our two boys....lots of y chromosomes on that van trip!

the x's stayed home for a very sweet (and quiet) weekend!

(here we are at church...the girls stayed with me in our service! we had a friend take it this time!)

the boys had a blast, so we were told, but i've no pics to show.
while they were swimming and visiting and enjoying the WARM days of fresno, we played board games, washed our car,

painted our back brick wall,

watched movies, walked to get yogurt, ate ice cream cones on the family room floor, slept in, stayed up late and enjoyed every second of being just girls!

we missed our y's a ton though and were all very excited to have them return!

we love our boys!

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marissa said...

How fun for you! I have girl time all the time, but it isn't a break for me - it just means no Jeff around. :)