Thursday, August 4, 2011

hard eucharisteo

i am learning what it means to give thanks in every circumstance...the good, the bad, the hideously ugly...

a sweet, sacred friend of mine from my days in sf was just handed this life changing news: colon her lymph system, in her lungs.

three little boys love her and call her amazing man calls her his one-in-flesh wife and has so for nearly 15 years.

not many months ago i called to sing happy songs into her voice mail to celebrate her 40th year of life.

this sweet child of God, fearfully and wonderfully made by His holy hands.

please, if you can, pray for my friend ali, her husband jason, and their boys, theo(8), dietrich(5) and emerson(2.5).

you can see updates on her by going to: ""
or you can click on her site from here, over at the right, under her name.

thank you so much for holding this courageous woman up in prayer with me.

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mary said...

Oh Christa. That makes me so sad! Will be praying with you!