Sunday, August 14, 2011


our summer calendar is filled with plans made by us, crossed out by God...
trip to nor cal...crossed out.
surf camp...crossed out.
visit from sweet friend and her family from sf...crossed out.
fun getaway with just my amazing man...crossed out.
passing the residency board exams on the first try...crossed out.

"many are the plans a man has in his heart, but the ways of the Lord prevail"
-proverbs 19:21

this summer has been a powerful example of the truth of that verse.

giving Him glory and praise, finding joy in the midst of it all has been a wonderfully hard lesson to learn.

realizing that God has no "plan b" is humbling.

our trip to nor cal...we completed it, in His perfect timing!
the kids had an uninterrupted BLAST for seven straight days! (as you can see!)

my city kids loved every bit of country living with their cousins!
(and still miss them and their gram and papa terribly!)

as for the rest of our summer plans...well, we still have our calendar up, and although there are many things "planned", we are learning to face each day with joy...watching to see how God plans to surprise us with His perfect timing and amazing love.

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Erin and Josh said...

i love your posts. such a testimony you have! thank you for sharing your lives...and your heart. xoxo