Thursday, August 22, 2013


its what every kid wants to do...dress up like cowboys and enjoy a good pony party!
(yes, folks, that's right...we attended a pony party...complete with a mini petting zoo and endless pony rides, for a 3 year old! only in LA.)
the very next morning, with straw hats and bandanas still on our minds, we headed into a new world...
school. gone is my five minute walking commute, now it's a 25 minute freeway drive. gone are our familiar classrooms, teachers and beloved friends...our first day was filled with many tears, much anxiety, fears and worries. (i wanted to vomit i was so nervous for them!) imagine what its like helping four kids settle into four different classrooms (where they know NO ONE), all at once, by yourself! i said, lots of tears. which is why i took these pics before we left home. :)
our thankful list continues to grow... we are now thankful for a new school, new friends, and having to be the new kid.
God is with us, and He is only and ever good...even in this. (and guess who started kinder!!??!!)

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