Wednesday, October 16, 2013


welp...our sweet #3 had his tiny (but stubborn) molar extracted on friday...and not without much shedding of tears-by all of us. it was a very emotional day for the whole family. :( but i am happy to report he no longer looks like a cartoon caricature!
after the 2 hour dental drama, we hit the road for a weekend getaway to the beautiful San Bernadino mountains. God blessed us with the chance to attend the annual fall retreat with our precious LA church community! it was heavenly! every second was like honey to our souls! amazing weather, incredible views, and endless visiting with treasured friends!
it was exactly what our wearied-from-overwhelming-changes family needed...72 hours of being filled up with God's love through His creation, His body and His word!
we send our biggest thank you's (once again!) to our dear donna and terry... a generous-to-the-core couple who always makes this family getaway possible...even this year...even after we have moved three hours north! (the pics are of dan doing push-ups for our "team" during the small group olympics! you got extra points for doing all 35 push-ups with a child on your back!)

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