Friday, November 22, 2013


what does it look like to have two birthdays just three days apart in one crazy family?!
for starters, it means baking two different desserts in one day, because the attempt to celebrate each birthday on different days just completely failed!

every year i tell myself that next year i will plan better, prepare more and make both kids feel like their day is totally about them! then every year i blow it and end up celebrating both birthdays on the same day, one feeling like his is late, the other feeling like her's is "borrowed". :)
 agh! we are...late november, and i am doubling up once again! HA!
 Praise God these little ones are so forgiving!
 my head can't even wrap itself around how they are suddenly 8 and 6!?!

precious and fleeting are these mothering moments...and filled with endless (albeit wild!) joy!!

(pray that my little miss sunshine here doesn't one day completely disdain the fact that i always forget to take her headgear off for pics!!)

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