Thursday, August 6, 2015

happy first day of august

 did you know???? its been literally a year since i posted anything to this silly family blog!?
i was really sad initially about this truth. how could i let SO much time slip by without capturing in words and photos all that is oursweetmess?!

but i have come to remember some sweet words that i read once, long lack of documentation of all that fills our days is proof that i was fully in those moments...not taking even a second of time to stop and write it all down! hopefully the blog posts in my mind will stand the test of time!

for is a moment of celebration...our family has a funny tradition of celebrating the first day of august! it started years ago when i was looking for an excuse to make a cake! after making a homemade chocolate cake (yummy recipe from my mom!) my kids asked what the cake was for...who were we celebrating?

i thought about it...saw the calendar, and declared, "We are celebrating the first day of august!"

it stuck!

now living in the central valley where it is nearly illegal to turn on your oven, baking anything is pretty much akin to SUICIDE! so...we have taken to ice cream this ice cream cookie sandwich!

Messy, but yummy!!!

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