Monday, September 14, 2015


year three of attempting to homeschool our sweetmess...

first...we smooshed one last looong, restful and AMAZING trip to LA for endless fun, friends and beach time!!! (pt dume is the BEST!)

 our first day of school started with this...
 our fav breakfast joint in fresno!

 first day of school pics of these precious ones!! 4th grader!

2nd grader!!      

6th grader!!!!

and our 7th grader!!!
our fun first day ended with this...
a mild concussion from (ehem!) trying to jump onto an exercise ball! after a quick ER visit, we were reassured that she would survive!
the massive goose egg (right side of her head) went down WAY before her double black eyes went away!

all in all, a wild start to year three!!

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