Thursday, October 2, 2008

soccer on a baseball field!

We have officially joined the ranks of soccer families! Every saturday morning we cleet up and race to find a parking spot amongst a sea of mini-vans and SUV's.

We are having a blast watching as both selah and samuel get their first taste of futbol!

They play on different teams which has made things extra challenging...some times their games are at the same time. Divide and conquer i guess. :)

ej is struggling through the season, desperately wanting to play as well. His life is one big, "not till your bigger,bud!" As you can see, he's the one in his cousin's old soccer jersey on dan's hip! Having two in soccer at once has caused us to consider making soccer a "once every four years" kinda thing. One kid gets to play each year and we'll know, just like Leap Year and the Olympics!

i am sorry to say we don't yet have any fotos of selah in action, she has informed us that no cameras are allowed at her games...much like the rest of her life!!

We wish you were here to cheer them on! (ok, let's be honest...really, we wish we were there!!!)

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