Tuesday, January 27, 2009

on being candid

i read recently that candid means being honest with someone while keeping in the forefront the feelings and respect of that person.

Grace Based Parenting...it's a book by Dr. Tim Kimmel. in it he speaks of how a "grace based home" is one where people have the freedom to be candid...without fear of retaliation.

He also speaks of how this same home is one where you are free to make mistakes, without fear of judgment or condemnation...sounds so good in my mind, but hard to live out. not the mistake part i mean, we've got plenty of those to go around...it's the "freedom to make 'em part" that i find hard to swallow.

Each time i find myself wanting to freak out over a mistake (usually just the ones that get made over and over and over!), i am gently reminded of how patient God is with me. He continually gives me the freedom to be candid, and the freedom to make mistakes. His love never changes, His grace never fails. He never thinks me an idiot, nor does He wap me upside my head(which i would justly deserve of course!).

The sweet grace of God...how truly amazing it is indeed.

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