Thursday, January 29, 2009

slammin sammy is FIVE!!!!

if i close my eyes, i can see his tiny little newborn body in my arms. squishy and pale, tons of wet black hair, and slanty dark brown eyes...

feels like it was yesterday. instead, it was five years ago!


samuel's special day started with him getting to pick breakfast:eggs, sausage and waffles. (pretty much what he eats every single morning!)

tonight we had yummy cupcakes and sang happy birthday for the 100th time...we try to sing it as many times as possible in one day!

our family tradition is that the special birthday person gets to pick one friend to come over and enjoy whatever dinner and dessert the birthday person picks. well, this year, samuel picked his cousin benjamin as his one special thanks to Gram and Papa, benjamin and our sweet sister in law, rebecca, are flying down in a couple weeks to stay a few days and celebrate samuel with us! samuel is very excited and has many plans already set in his mind!

here are some pics of samuel on his special well as a few of him doing his favorite things: being BatMan and pretending to be SurvivorMan...making a "fire" out front in our yard!

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