Thursday, January 8, 2009

So Cal Ellie

a sweet "weiner dog" named Ellie

joined our family while her humans (my brother, sister in law, and their kids!!) enjoyed Disney Land(and us!!)!

As you can see from the fotos, Ellie had a blast!!

She was given several fashion tips as well as learning how to manage her bad breath with flossing.

There were a few moments of pure chaos, at which time Ellie would promptly put her self to bed in her "safe place"...her little doggie crate.

i know it looks like she is barely able to tolerate all of the attention, but we like to think that under her stoic look is a big smile! Really, she's laughing on the inside!

She really smiled when her humans came back! Actually, we all did...the cousins had a non-stop blast playing all kinds of games, making crafts, doing "shows" and even throwing a party on saturday night for us moms!

It was super short but super fun...we miss them all heaps!

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Pam said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos and YOU!!!! My heart is bursting. :) Kisses on every face! Love, Grammy Pam