Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fall festivities!!

i love this time of year! the leaves change, the smells outside change, cooler nights, crisp days that make you seek out the warmth of the sun...ah Fall!!

Of course, here in LA, none of that is currently happening...but we are wishing it was! (except for today, when we went to the beach!)

This is our second annual pumpkin carving...and as you can see, dan really gets into it! he may have been a really great surgeon!! :)The finished product is actually awesome!

the kids tried "helping" dan carve their own pumpkin after they had each scooped out all the slimy stuff. but after a few minutes, they lost interest in the intensely intricate design they had each picked! So, after four short hours, dan had personally carved up three very amazing pumpkins!!!

we took pics of them and have been lighting them at night! but, it has been so stinking hot here, they may not last till halloween!

it is fun getting to have a front porch that actually gets frequented by people beside us! our neighbors came over tonight to see them all lit up...then they asked if dan would do theirs!!

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