Friday, October 31, 2008

Sweet tummy aches

super heros, princesses and bugs!

it sounds like a Disney movie, but it was actually just a cortez halloween! eight different costumes on four different children throughout the day...super man, lady bug, spider man, sleeping beauty, a doctor, sleepy mom of four kids, bumble bee, batman, buzz light year, and snow white! (thanks gram for a great dress-up box!)

we enjoyed our first ever door to door candy begging(can you tell i don't care for halloween!!)...after just 30 minutes of knocking on doors we had three HUGE bags of candy (and three quarters from a sweet lady down the street.) Just think, if every person had given us one quarter per kid...:)

it was a very fun first time for us all. ej started bartering, trying to trade what the first house had given him so he could have the second house's treat! imagine his excitement when he realized it was ALL for him!!!

samuel asked if halloween was about trying to scare people. i told him that everyone gave candy to kids in order to remind them how sweet the love of Jesus is for them.

not true, as dan reminded me...but not a bad response from a sleepy mom of four kids!

(the pooh bear and the snow princess are our neighborhood friends that we walked with.)

love you all,

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