Thursday, October 23, 2008

sibling rivalry

it's quiet now, they are all asleep.

my mind is my own as i type these words. (no sooner did i write that thought, and my little blonde rebel squeaked in the night, reminding me it was time for a late night snack!)

where was i...oh, yeah, the days seem full of breaking up fights... "she hit me", "he is touching me", "he bit me!"...endless referee-ing.

i am heavy hearted with all the rivalry-ing in this house!

my biggest job, i've gleaned this from a book i am reading,
is to show these little tweeky siblings the rich and unending grace of God.

Perhaps they fight and scream and poke at ALL my buttons just so i have several chances
to show them the deep grace God has for us.

it is by far the hardest job i have ever been assigned!

of course, as i sit here now, with no bickering to distract my thoughts, it seems easy enough. "speak softly; respond, don't react; love much; discipline with kindness and firmness..."on goes the list.

as i look at these fotos the only "rivalry" i see is in which kid is the cutest.

i am sure there was screaming and fighting right before and after each shot was taken...but all the chaos and frustration fade away now. i'm left with only the sweet joy of getting to stare unblinking-ly at four absolutely beautiful creations of God.

He handles me with such grace...a perfect example to follow.

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