Friday, May 1, 2009

Three months?? Really!?

blogger extraordinaire i am not (nor can i spell, as i had to allow the computer to spell that word for me!)!

as evidenced by my complete lack of posting anything new since January (my husband reminds me of this daily!!) i will never be one of those moms who has become so amazing at "blogging" (makes me think of trees and forests and running through mud!) that they now single-handedly support their families from all the money brought in by advertisers wanting to run ads on their blogs.

what i do have going for me are four totally cute, busy and awesome kids! and what i am for sure, is a mom who loves an excuse to show off just how cute i think they are to all of you!

you...are our sweet family who live far from us (or do we live far from you?) and rarely get to see each of them in all their cuteness!

so, with no shame at all (well, very little at least!) here is a quick-ish recap of life...cortez6 style... over the past three months!

( i have not quite figured out how to get things in the right i will do my best to have this be chronological(phew, another hard word to spell!)!!

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