Friday, May 1, 2009

live this moment

arriving home to a bit of a heat wave was rough, but we settled back into so. cal life quickly.

elia cleans up well, don't you think! (her pony tail isn't crooked, there are two of them, you just can only see one...i promise!)

on go the days...minutes become months.

we are nearing our two year mark here, and good news...we DON'T have to move at the end of May as has been our "tradition" for the past two years!

some of our people actually think that is what we do every May, and so have been asking if we should start packing, and can the next place please have three swings instead of just one. (as long as we are making requests, mine would be for the next place to have more toilet for 6 people is killin me!!)

here's hoping i do this a tiny bit more often than once every three months!

if you need more frequent updates, i am sure you can get them on dan's facebook page...i think he is on it nearly daily!

i have as yet refused to succumb to the pressure many of you have put on me to start doing that wretchedly trendy form of staying in touch. serioulsy, this blogging stuff is more than i can handle as it is! (obviously!!)

plus, as you can see from the photos, i have loads of laundry waiting for me!!

peace and love to you from our 6!

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