Saturday, May 23, 2009


after spending a beautiful morning at a playground by the beach it occurred to me that we have really settled in to life in the southern part of this state. as we drove home (stopping at del taco to feed the little "c"s) i made a quick list of how one might know they have been in LA too long.

i bet you are dying to see this, i am going to post it for you now!


1. you have flip flop tan lines on your december.
2. you no longer look with disdain at the women who have artificially fixed what child bearing does to your fact you envy them.
3. you have no idea where your umbrella is...and if you're honest with yourself, you are not even sure what it is used for anymore.
4. you buy more sunscreen than you do food.
5. when it is more than 80 degrees outside, you complain about being hot.
6. when it is less than 75 degrees outside, you complain about being cold!
7. you use the word "the" whenever speaking of a freeway or highway.
8. you can name every single one of a fore mentioned freeways or highways in numerical order!
9. you think it normal to have sand in your car, tub, kitchen floor and bedding.
10. and know you have been living in So. Ca. way too long when doing this to your son's hair seems totally normal:

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