Saturday, June 13, 2009

family bed

nearly 7 years ago (where have the days gone??) with the birth of our first blessing, selah, dan and i began sharing our bed with our babies.

since that late september day when she was born, we have had someone(at times a few someones!) sharing our sleeping space...every night!

as of May 7th (a bitter sweet mother's day surprise) our most recent blessing, elia, moved into her very own bed, sharing a room and bunk bed with her big sister!

yesterday as we were getting ready for school, our "many rich blessings" began filling up our bed, one by one, as i was trying to make it.

the moment brought back memories of many space limiting nights...cozily wrapped around some tiny heat producing bundle. i just had to take these fotos of them smooshed together on dan's body pillow.

i so miss those days, in ways...

of course, getting to wrap myself around dan as i drift off to sleep has been pretty great too!

one day i will be sharing fotos and writing about how i finally get to sleep through the night without being awoken by one of our "many rich blessings"(will we still blog by then??). until then, i will simply relish fighting only one person for the covers!

enjoy. ;)

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Bec said...

What cute pictures!
I saw your comment on MckMama's blog and thought I'd answer the question for you. The easiest way to find other posts is to search in the search bar at the top of the page. For instance, if you were looking for cleaning tips, you would search for that. Another way it that most of her posts are tagged at the bottom. The one from today is tagged "i hate to cook: recipe ideas"; if you click on that tag at the end of her post, it will bring up previous posts with the same tag. Hope that helps!