Tuesday, June 9, 2009


see???... i do allow messes at my house!

it has become apparent to me (according to my kids) that i am basically against messes.

ok...i LOVE cleanliness!

i dread any type of sticky, goey, glumpy, wet, dirt filled craft that my kids want to enjoy!

in fact, none of the first three of my children were ever allowed to feed themselves until at least age 2...simply because they were so messy! (imagine that!)

so, of late, as i continue my sloooow walk down the path of "less of me and more of HIM" i have been "graciously" encouraging my kids to paint(even with their fingers!!!!), squish playdough, make mud pies, and yes people, even feed themselves. (is that yogurt??)!!!!!!!!

phew! it has been painful at times...but thanks to some valum(how do you spell that drug name??) and baby wipes from Costco (joking about the first, loving the second!!) all is well around our little cortez6 pad.

some(my kids) would even say life has gotten "way more fun"!

little children are amazing magnifying glasses...bringing to the front, in a bold big way, all that needs changing in a heart.

perhaps this is some of why God blessed me with four precious children.

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