Sunday, June 21, 2009

signs of life

sore feet. that is a big complaint of mine these days. i feel like i am always standing up.
a sign of life being lived.

achy neck and tired eyes...signs that some of my sweet blessings still don't sleep through the night.

life being lived moment at a time.

it was our last week of school (a sign that life is going by quite quickly!)

it was also our first week of April.

doesn't make sense you say?? is a picture.

this is April...the newest(daytime!!) member of our family. i am blessed to be the full time nanny of our neighbor's tiny little baby girl. She is almost 3 months old and very sweet.

elia mostly loves having her around and even shares her beloved pouch. she has confiscated her pacifier though. with FIVE kids to manage i am loving having selah...she is a huge help...i may need to give her a cut of my pay!

along with being a nanny, i've had to be a nurse lately too. samuel needed a tiny piece of glass removed from his eye last week (i bribed him with a cool new toy while his doctor daddy used tweezers to get it out!

then i was called upon to ease the pain of a wretched bee sting to the bottom of miguel's foot. i asked him to make a face expressing how he felt about the whole thing...pretty accurate. i wish i could share the horrid screechy sounds he was making as well.

less than 24 hours later his foot had become completely infected and he had a pretty bad fever. doctor daddy saved the day again and got him on abx. to attack the infection. (med school loans not withstanding, having a MD in the house is pretty darn handy!)

i am happy to report his foot is getting better and he walks nearly normally again.

still no shoes...some things never change, even after getting stung by a bee!

nurse, nanny, tired-footed momma...oh, and tooth fairy...that is my other new job (doesn't pay fact i seem to be out a few quarters!). selah lost two teeth in two days...right as school was ending this week. she and samuel worked long and hard, using dental floss, to try and tug them out.

some days are so difficult to manage through and others are pure joy.

but all are wonderful signs of life...signs of a huge God that bends way down low to love us.

His is a deep, strong love that sustains us...and so i rejoice at these things...these signs of my life.

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