Thursday, June 18, 2009

frugle-ness that a word? well...if it is, then i am the queen of it!

case in point:

last night, i cooked a favorite meal around our house...chicken pot pie. super easy, super yummy, quite healthy.

after serving up all the little hungry blessings quietly seated around the dinner table (don't all of your kids peacefully wait while you serve them a bickering, no hitting, no screaming for food!? ours sure do!) i plated up the most perfect piece of chicken pot pie you have ever seen (seriously!) and began to drool as i considered how great it was going to taste.

Ahhh..."pride comes before the fall"!!

so focused on how great i had done at creating our meal, i failed to notice the slipping plate from my hand as i brought it to the edge of the counter. no sooner had i picked up the plate, did i drop it! in an effort to "save" the drop, i threw my thigh into the counter, and the plate (and pie!!!) slid down my jeans and splatted on the floor! (of course face down!!!)

i squealed and without even giving it a second thought, i bent down and began scrapping (literally) my burning hot, perfectly browned chickenpot pie off my wood kitchen floor and back onto my plate!

when i arrived at the table, my oldest asked what in the world had happened to my chicken pot pie??!! after telling her, she quipped, "why don't you get a new piece?"

are you kidding!? waste a perfectly good piece of pie that just splatted on the floor??? oh no, not me!

i enjoyed every bite! pictured is our oldest's yummy pie, and then...mine!)

in case this was a horribly borning post, i included some really cute pics of our number 4!

pinch those pennies!!

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Lisa said... Selah wearing nail polish!?! Where did you get this kid?