Monday, July 13, 2009

brain matter

it's after 11pm, dan got paged real late and had to go in to work for a few hours.

he's on this research thingy (aren't i so technical?) involving picking through a brain as soon as a person dies. (probably he explains it way better than i do, so you can get the MD version from him.)

getting called late at night to go into work is one of the many perks to being a resident.

(seven years down, three to go!)

so, while he is off dissecting, i thought, since i can't get back to sleep, i would share these silly pics of the boys enjoying one of our many slow summer mornings.

we are all loving not having to be anywhere and do anything too serious!(some more than others)

we (mostly me!) love not being on someone else's schedule! i never realized how much i love summer break until one of my kids entered school!

so this is how we fill ours mornings...staying in our jammies way too long, and finding new, fun uses for our couch pillows!

once properly stuffed, both boys began dancing around the kitchen and wiggling their packed back sides till i nearly needed to change my own jammies!

the girls thought it was pretty hysterical.

if i was more up to date on popular music, i bet i could even find a song to put to their antics.

of course, i am not.

but i did tell you last time how full my quiver was...

full indeed!

my crazy, grace-filled life with my many small blessings...

blessings that grow bigger everyday.

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Melissa said...

Christa- although I have lived through some of your posts- I love reading about it! cute pictures of the kids, btw!