Friday, July 24, 2009

related blessings

i read once (and whole-heartedly believe) that one of the most profound blessings you can give your child is a sibling.

one minute they love each other, the next minute they are trying to pick each other a part, verbally and physically.


those of us that have' em know just what i mean.

been trying to explain to selah why we can't just "make them go away".

even tried telling her if she does a super good job "shaping" and "training" her brothers, one day they will return the favor by marrying an awesome woman and bless her with a rockin sister-in-law. (that's what my bro did for me; and yes, i do take the majority of the credit!)

most of my words fell on deaf ears (not surprising, i mean she is only 6)

the other day selah was gone over night and all the boys wanted to do was know where she was, if she was coming back, and then talk about their most favorite part about her.

five minutes (really) after she returned they were both hot on her trail, doing their brotherly best to drive her the point of tears. (in fact i think that is even what they call it, the "make selah cry" game)

why are we so horrid with those we love the most? none us would ever dream of treating a stranger the way we treated our siblings.

all this to say, i was overjoyed at the chance to capture these moments...

as much as we despise, ever more so do we love...our siblings.

as i referee my way through each minute of sibling-ness, i hold tightly to the truth that they are richly blessed (ongoing) by these kin God has given.

ps...elia is smiling carefully, so as not to ruin the freshly applied lip stick!


TIFFANY said...

I know exactly what you mean! My three daughters were away this week, leaving just my son at home. Every day he asked "when can I get my girls back?" Five minutes after the girls walked in the door, he was already fighting with them over a toy!

Jesus L said...

I want a family like urs one day...I enjoy reading your blogs. Hope Dan's hammy heals well.